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(frequently asked questions)

  1. When will the Farmlands Ballance Bullseye promotion start and finish (purchase period)?
    A. The promotion starts on 2 September 2019 and closes midnight on 2 November 2019.
  2. Who is eligible to enter the Farmlands Ballance Bullseye promotion?
    A. The promotion is only open to shareholders of Farmlands who order $5,000 (inc. GST) or more of Ballance fertiliser through Farmlands during the Promotional Period. Please see full terms and conditions for all details.
  3. How do I know what products to purchase to participate in the Farmlands Ballance Bullseye promotion?
    A. The whole product range of Ballance sold through Farmlands qualify for purchase in the promotion.
  4. How do I enter the promotion?
    A. By making an Eligible Purchase and entering online, during the Promotional Period, by visiting the Promotion Website www.ballancebullseye.co.nz, following the prompts to the promotion entry page and inputting all of the requested details (including Farmlands shareholder number, name, address and email address) and submitting the fully completed online entry form so that it is received during the Promotional Period.
  5. How can I tell if my entry has been received/was successful for the Farmlands Ballance Bullseye promotion?
    A. Once you have submitted an entry, you will receive an entry confirmation email to the email address you supplied in the entry process. This will include your lucky entry number selections.
  6. When are the draws held?
    A. Please click the BULLSEYE NUMBERS page link at bottom of this page to view all relevant prize draw information for the promotion.
  7. Will my number(s) be valid for all 56 draws if I buy fertiliser on any day during the Promotional Period?
    A: No. We cannot back date entries into Daily Draws that have taken place. No disrespect but that would create a major security risk! Like all sweepstake draws and competitions, each Daily Draw closes at midnight, the day prior to the BULLSEYE number being randomly drawn for comparison to all those eligible entries received prior to the closing time and date. If you enter late and we allowed you to backdate your entries, we could all get rich!
    Your entry number or numbers (1 entry per $5,000 spend on Ballance fertiliser in the Promotional Period) become live in all remaining Daily Draws from the latter date of either:
    • the day you enter them via this website
    • or the day you make an Eligible Purchase
  8. How long between ordering fertiliser and selecting numbers for daily draws?
    A: Bugger all. You can even enter in advance based on what you are planning to buy just so long as you then remember to place your order with us! Our Farmlands Territory Field Officers will chase you up anyway to remind you. This is to allow you to maximise your chances of hitting Bullseye. As above, your chosen numbers will be live from the latter of the day you enter or your Eligible Purchase is entered into the MyBallance portal.
  9. If I order early September, does that increase my chances of winning?
    A: Yes, substantially. If you order in time for our first Bullseye draw on 9 September, you'll have over 50 times more chances of winning than someone who places an order at the end of October and only registers in time for the final week of Daily Draws and the Jackpot Draw. The earlier you order the better! But there are no guarantees.
  10. How will I know if I win?
    A: You can check your numbers against the Daily Bullseye winning numbers we update on this site regularly and, of course, we'll contact all winners direct too so no winner will not get their prize unless they go AWOL and missing off the face of the earth.
  11. What if I don't have internet connection?
    A: We will accommodate your participation via our Farmlands Call Centre. You can contact them during normal weekday work hours on 0800 200 600.
  12. Does someone win $5,000 every day?
    A: Not necessarily. Mathematically we could have a winner every day but the odds are against this. To win, one of your chosen lucky entry numbers must be entered in the Daily Draw database and match that Daily Draw's Bullseye number exactly. It is unlikely we will get enough entries/participants to cover every one of the 100,000 numbers between 0 & 99,999. That would need to happen to guarantee a winner in every draw. The entry database will accumulate and continue to grow as orders/entries are made throughout the competition so will peak for the final draws which will therefore have the shortest odds and best chance of an exact Bullseye being hit.
  13. Does the Bullseye prize jackpot when not struck?
    A: Yes, any day Bullseye isn't struck, we jackpot $250 towards a final Jackpot Draw. In the unlikely event there are no Bullseye winners over the previous 56 days of Daily Draws, the jackpot would reach a total of $14,000. All Eligible Entries received over the entire Promotional Period will qualify for the Jackpot Draw. The same rules to win this will apply except if we have no entry or entries exactly matching the Jackpot Draw Bullseye number, we will award it to the shareholder(s) with the next closest number(s) to it.
  14. Can the same number be chosen by more than one entrant?
    A: Yes. The rules allow this so the entry site does too. If 2 (or more) shareholders' (Eligible Entrants) entry numbers are in the same Daily Draw and both are an exact match to that Daily Draw's Bullseye number then both win, and the $5,000 prize will be split evenly between them.